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Special Services

CranioSacral Therapy

60 minutes

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes

Raindrop Technique

75 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes
Massage Packs

4-Pack Massage

30 minutes

4-Pack Massage

60 minutes

4-Pack Massage

90 minutes

12-Pack Massage

60 minutes

Types of Massages

Different types of massages target different healing benefits.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is wonderful at enhancing and increasing a number of beneficial processes and functions within the human body.

  • Massage enhances ones state of well being
  • Massage enhances soft tissue healing
  • Massage increases flexibility & range of motion
  • Massage increases muscle tone
  • Massage increases blood flow
  • Massage increases dopamine & serotonin levels
  • Massage increases and improves lymphatic fluid flow & drainage
  • Massage induces relaxation
  • Massage stimulates the immune system

Other Benefits

Therapeutic massage is extremely effective at reducing and often eliminating a number of uncomfortable and restrictive symptoms and conditions.

  • Massage reduces constipation
  • Massage reduces cortisol levels
  • Massage reduces depression
  • Massage reduces emotional stress
  • Massage reduces joint stiffness
  • Massage reduces muscular tension
  • Massage reduces pain
  • Massage reduces scar tissue formation
  • Massage reduces soft tissue knots and trigger point

Sports massage - Neck massage - Physical therapist doing massage of neck. Toned image, selective focus set on chest and hands.